All About Nappa Leather

At Malbrough Apparel & Goods, our focus is on creating beautiful, high-quality pieces of clothing, accessories, and art for our discerning customers. One of the many ways that we accomplish this goal is by using top-quality materials that are designed to last. Many of our products feature nappa leather, which is a luxurious material that offers many benefits. Keep reading to learn all about nappa leather and why it’s featured in our top-quality pieces.

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What Is Nappa Leather?

The first question to answer about nappa leather is just exactly what it really is. nappa leather is a type of leather that is not only strong and durable, but is incredibly soft to the touch and smooth. While the term refers to a specific feeling gotten from the leather, it’s not actually a specific type of leather, so nappa leather may be any thickness, color, or grain pattern.

Nappa Leather vs. Regular Leather

The main difference between these two types of leather is simply in the quality of the material. While nappa leather is genuine leather, the nappa identifier sets apart pieces that are softer and more luxurious-feeling. “Regular” leather is an umbrella term for any kind of fabric or material made from a layer of animal hide.
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What Is It Used For?

nappa leather is used in all kinds of applications! Because it’s a higher quality leather, nappa leather is a great choice for clothing, accessories, and even furniture that needs to be comfortable, like couches, recliners, and others. At Malbrough Apparel & Goods, we utilize nappa leather in our handbags!
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Care & Maintenance

Be very careful when cleaning your nappa leather goods, as they can be sensitive to cleansers and moisture. Check your goods for any tags or directions on cleaning and if you’re unsure, test your cleanser in a small, unnoticeable area to be sure it doesn’t stain or damage the leather. Otherwise, keeping it clean with a microfiber cloth and preventing stains or spills will keep your bags looking amazing for years to come!

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