Partner Spotlight: Bella + Canvas

Partner Spotlight: Bella + Canvas

At MAG , we are proud to partner with Bella + Canvas, a garment manufacturer that is committed to sustainability in all aspects of their production process.

One of the ways that Bella + Canvas sets themselves apart is by reducing their water and energy use in their production facilities. They have implemented various conservation measures to minimize their environmental impact, and this commitment to sustainability is evident in every step of their process.

In addition to their efforts to reduce resource consumption, Bella + Canvas also works to up-cycle their material waste. Rather than sending scraps to landfills, they find ways to repurpose them in the production of new garments. This not only helps to reduce waste, but it also allows them to minimize their reliance on new resources.

But Bella + Canvas's commitment to sustainability extends beyond their environmental efforts. They also maintain a high standard of workplace code of conduct, ensuring that their team members are treated fairly and safely. This level of care and consideration for their employees is a testament to the values that drive their business.

We are proud to partner with Bella + Canvas and to offer our customers a collection of sustainably-made t-shirts. Their dedication to sustainability and ethical practices is something that we value and appreciate, and we believe that our customers will as well.

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