Artisan Made: What Does That Really Mean?

Artisan Made: What Does That Really Mean?

You may see many brands using words and phrases to show that they are ethical and environmentally friendly, including the label “artisan-made.” Most times, the word artisan is connected to a small business or a smaller scale of production. It’s understood that there is controversy over what artisan-made really means. Artisans commonly work for themselves or in a small business. This allows them to have more control over their work environment and their wages. 

With Malbrough Apparel being one of the best online clothing stores, we make sure that our artisan apparel company is held to the highest standard possible. We are working hard to pivot the direction the fashion industry is headed by handcrafting all our products and producing in limited quantities. Our practices reflect handcrafted artisan-made, and we have a good understanding of it. Below, we break down what artisan-made really means in our day and age. 


Made By Hand or Hand Tools

One of the key characteristics of an artisan product is that it is made by hand or with hand tools. This means that each item is slightly different, and there is a human element to the finished product. What makes our high-end apparel even more unique is that each item has more personality than something that was made by a machine. 

Most times, companies produce clothing that’s simply focused on being aesthetically pleasing. Our focus is on functionality and usefulness, which is desirable to many. In addition, our artisans make each piece individually rather than in a mass-production setting. 


Produces In Limited Quantities

An artisan typically produces its goods in small batches or limited quantities. The reason for this is that they are focusing on quality over quantity. With that, our talented artisans often create unique pieces rather than identical products. Oftentimes, when clothing is made quickly to meet the quick needs of consumers, it is identical and produced in large quantities. On the other hand, what’s unique about apparel made in limited quantities is that you are wearing one-of-a-kind pieces. We have a unique selection of high-end apparel pieces you can add to your wardrobe collection. 


An Artisan Is an Expert in Their Trade

An artisan has usually undergone years of training to perfect their craft. They have a deep understanding of the materials they use and the techniques required to produce high-end apparel. What separates an artisan from a regular person who makes things by hand is the focus on uniqueness. In addition, artisans want their products to be useful and last a long time, rather than simply being aesthetically pleasing. You can be sure that you’re getting a unique product from an expert in their trade.


Produces Items Typically Rooted in Heritage, Culture, Experience

Artisan-made products often have a story behind them. They are rooted in heritage, culture, and experience. There is a growing trend for consumers to seek out these types of products as they offer a unique and authentic experience. Our artisans make clothing not only for others but for themselves as well. 

Our artisans often have a deep understanding of the traditions and culture surrounding their craft that originates from their upbringing and childhood. This knowledge is passed down through generations and helps to inform the design and production of their goods. Not only does this allow for our clothing to have significant meaning, but it also allows our artisans to express themselves and their backgrounds through the unique pieces they’re creating. 

Next time you decide to purchase new clothing pieces or accessories, consider our high-end apparel at Malbrough Apparel & Goods. Let’s start changing the way we support the fashion industry; choose to support an artisan clothing company the next time you buy handmade clothes. We want to have a positive impact on the environment and the fashion industry. Browse our unique apparel today!

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